We have all the tools you need to control the crowd at your event.

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Let your visitors register online.

We develop the right tools and guide your entire online registration process from invitation to the door.

  • Digital invitations with unique codes
  • Online registration form or small event website
  • Digital ticket delivery with unique barcodes
  • Ticket verification at the entrance of your event

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ID verification at your event or nightclub

If you are looking for Age or ID Verification for your event, you're at the right place! We have different packages available to make it possible at the entrance of your party, business event or large scale festival!

We can bring you all the equipment you need or we can take care of the Age and ID verification ourself. For multiple use or permanent installations we sell custom all-in-one packages with membership cards.

Digital Membership Cards

Developed especially for nightclubs, our Crowd Ctrl membership software combines ID verification with digital membership cards. After checking the identity of your visitors through their eID card or any European passport, you can give each of your visitors a unique membership card at the entrance of your venue.

We have different all-in-one packages available with full color printed, digital membership cards,
starting at only € 1,73 / card for low quantity orders and even better prices for large quantity orders!

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Integrate social media at your event!

When integrating social media at your event, you can deliver a unique experience to your visitors while you can benefit from the power of social media marketing with your event organisation.

Add a interactive experience to your event and let your visitors have fun while you can enjoy the additional social media marketing that comes along with this integration.

Check out this video about a social media integration we did for Mercedes-Benz.

Next level crowd management

We have developed an advanced crowd management platform for large scale events and festivals.
Our platform can help you to track your crowd in realtime, interact with your visitors and make it easy
and possible to react fast in case of emergency situations.

Our platform can assist the staff during the event but it can also be a big help in crisis communication.

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