Our Services

We deliver the right tools for any kind of access control at your event, from a small party to a large festival!

Identity Check

With our software and different hardware options you can easily check the identity of your visitors. We can transform any European identity papers into digital information!

RFID Cards & Wristbands

Use our advanced software to combine identity check with digital membership cards or RFID festival wristbands. It will help you to increase the safety at your event and you can take your marketing to the next level!

Social Media Integration

Integrate Social Media in an interactive way and experience the power of social media marketing for your event while making it extra fun for your visitors.

Advanced Crowd Management

With our next-level crowd management platform you can enhance the control of your event and get realtime overview and statistics of your event area or festival terrain.

Some references

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Are you ready to control your crowd?

Even though we are located in Belgium, we can provide crowd management solutions in every part of Europe.

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